Welcome R+Co

We want to welcome R+Co to the salon as a new product line! Come check this out!

About R+Co

R+Co is a collective of some of the most forward-thinking, rule-bending hairstylists in the business. We are a think tank of top editorial and salon stylists and educators—with a combined century of hairdressing knowledge and experience—and we make sure that we have more than one viewpoint on everything we do.

Stylists are the real heroes of this brand. In an industry not always known for collaboration, R+Co is all about creating a dialogue between the broader stylist community to celebrate the culture of hairdressing. We advocate for stylists—and their clients—to find the point of view and style that best matches their own. All of our products are treatment-oriented, with the health of the hair and scalp always top-of-mind. We use unique ingredients and complexes to make sure that each product delivers true benefits.

And everything is formulated without parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petrolatum. They are all vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe.


"Tiger eye" Hair Color!

Ok, it’s official. The tiger eye hair color trend is now a thing. Maybe it was always a thing? But, now it has a name and is the newest buzzword in the sombre, ombre, ecaille, babylight, bronde, ombre, balayombre colorist vocab list.

Every winter there is a mad dash to the salon for deeper, darker tones for hair color and toning down end of season summer highlights and ombres. Tiger Eye color is a fresh take on transitioning summer balayage and the cooler, lighter tones we were seeing last summer to darker, warmer, richer, multi-dimensional, shades of brown.

What is Tiger eye? Basically its a  beautiful blend of honey, caramel, mocha, gold, hazel nut, toffee and warm blondes to mimic the coloring of the gemstone. like many things that become common (sombre, amazeballs, totes and obvs) if it has an easy to pronounce name, and it's fun to say, sometimes it just sticks. Plus gemstones are totally trending right now, and most people know what a tiger eye is, so I’m not surprised it’s sticking.

So if a client says she wants tiger eye hair color, essentially what she’s asking for is rich, brown highlights and lowlights, with chocolate and bronze tones. 

To create this technique, I would either balayage or hair paint, maybe even foil, highlights but staying away from the root for more of a grown-out technique. Once you lift it, tone it with a darker chocolate shade at the root area and melt it down. throw in a golden brown or blonde is pretty, too.

You’re not fighting the hair to get it to those achier tones that were so popular this summer. So it will actually have shinier, healthier results!

Joe Marra,

Salon Bass

Lasio! Lasio! Lasio!

   Lasio is no stranger to Salon Bass, in realizing we are having more and more keratin demand we are now caring the entire line. We can now cater to your hairs specific needs with the correct treatment to suit you best. Below you will find what we now offer at Salon Bass!

   Lasio provides women the opportunity to embrace the luxury of healthy, silky smooth, and luxurious hair. Our products work as a system and our daily care Keratin Infused  HYPERSILK products is the perfect system for bringing luxury home. Have “Hollywood Hair” everyday and luxuriate in the feeling of beautiful, enriched, and healthy hair.

  1. LASIO’s NEW Color Pro is a gentle color treated formula that uses NEW FLEXSHIELD TECHNOLOGY and revolutionary polymers to surround the hair strand allowing unsurpassed color protection that keeps color molecules in and a thermal protector keeping damaging heat (up to 450 degrees!) out! Color Pro reduces up to 90% of curl and 100% of hair’s frizz, lasting up to three months! So have no fear delicate blondes and fast fading reds, Color Pro is here!
  2. LASIO's NEW Mocha Silk is a moisture packed formula infused with cacao oil that deposits moisture, drenching and reviving over-stressed, dry or damaged hair! This formula is also perfect for coarse curly hair that naturally craves extra moisture! Mocha Silk reduces up to 90% of curl and 100% of hair's frizz, and lasts up to four months!
  3. All in a day’s work. The One Day Keratin Formula removes 100% frizz and 90% of the curl that produces a silky smooth finish for up to 4 months. The activating ingredient requires 24 hours for the first initial wash. Bring out the star-quality in your hair and flaunt Hollywood Glamour at its finest. Luxuriate! Iconic hair is yours.
  4. Replenishing Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner, Advanced Serum, Revitalizing Masque,
    Volumizing Hairspray.